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Passive Prefab

This is PHBB's first venture into prefabricated design. X-tend Passive Prefab was designed as a simple, studio accessory dwelling unit (ADU or back yard cottage) but readily scales to become a stand-alone residence, a multifamily building, a resort, a co-housing project, or an entire neighborhood.

The standardized design and prefabrication allows us to remove the cost & complexity of high performance design from the building process, so we may Xtend Passivhaus quality, comfort & performance to everyone.


Xtend Passive Prefab's  affordable multifamily concept won a Merit Award in the 2021-22 Architecture At Zero Design Competition and is featured on their website here

X-tend Passive Prefab is currently available to select contractor partners for beta testing. 

375 sf - X-tendable


Completed: (under construction)

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