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Bronwyn Barry, RA, CPHD, Principal


Bronwyn Barry is a licensed architect with cross-platform experience in product, software, organization and building design. She is a systems-thinker focused on high performance, data-driven outcomes. Her wide-ranging professional experiences include managing California’s first All-Women construction crew for Habitat for Humanity in 1995 to designing a Passive House certified window for an Oakland-based window manufacturer. Her technical work includes developing parametric optimization software for PHPP, THERM trainings for Passive House consultants, and providing thermal bridging analysis support to other consultants. Her design work includes multiple Passive House compliant projects around the Bay Area.


Ms. Barry is a popular presenter and has delivered keynote addresses at local and international Passive House and Window & Door conferences. She is the author of multiple white papers on Passive House-related topics.  She is co-founder of Passive House California and the North American Passive House Network nonprofit, where she has served as Board President during their formative, growth years. Ms. Barry has contributed to various policy-related efforts to promote outcomes-based energy and building-codes. These include contributions to the UNECE’s framework guidelines for energy efficiency in buildings. She was nominated a Senior Fellow by the New Buildings Institute (NBI) in 2020 and serves as an advisor to their board. She continues to serve on the Technical Advisory Committee that reviews papers for the International Passive House Institute’s annual conference

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