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DESIGN, Think, Write, Present

PHBB Principal, Bronwyn Barry, has been writing and presenting on high performance buildings and related topics for over a decade. Here is a small sampling of that work: 


Architecture - see our projects 

‘The Essential Urban Farmer’ was illustrated by Bronwyn Barry

PHI certified CaliPassiv Window for Wooden Window



2011 NFRC vs PHI window certification ‘A Tale of Two Rating Systems’

2012 ‘How to Look at High Performance Windows’

AD Magazine: Energy & Design Criticism - ‘Is it time for a new measure of beauty?’ 

‘A Lesson from the Kranichstein Passive House’ - an exploration of optimization

‘Batteries Included’ - looking at PH + Renewable Energy 

‘Our All Renewable Energy Future’ - Green Building Advisor

‘Can California Decarbonize without Updating Its Energy Code’ 

‘Media Misses the Meat of California’s Energy Code Announcement’

‘Passive House’s Growing Influence on North American Energy Codes’

‘Electrification Exposes Fatal Flaws in California’s Energy Code’


NAPHN Policy Resource Guide

NAPHN Owners Manual 


Ms. Barry has provided keynote addresses for multiple events. Here is a small sampling: 


2015 Keynote to the Inaugural South Pacific PH Conference

2015 Keynote for North American Wood Window and Door Conference

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